Hi this is Nathan White and Mike Walker, we write about different aspects of bad (and good) posture!

Together we created this blog and website to express our thoughts and opinions about different products on the market. But we also want to share tips and quality information regarding posture improvement to our readers.

More specifically we write about a posture brace called posture now, you can (probably) find our latest and greatest report on the newest version on this page: posture now review.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions regarding posture correctors or anything else related to posture improvement. We are always on the lookout for new interesting subject to write up on.

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We sincerely hope that you will enjoy your stay here on our little blog in cyberspace.

All the best and keep working on that posture!

Just waiting for a place where I feel free. I wake up and its all the same. -Anon

Nathan and Mike @ www.betterposture.net

PS. We’re working on a website redesign and are considering discontinuing our relationship with our current hosting company because the general low quality of the software. We’re hoping to put together a new and fresh website and host the site in-house.