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Happy New Year!

And I gotta tell you – you’re awesome!

Today is the 1st of January, better known as THE NEW YEAR here in the United States.

In fact, in writing this email, Chelsey saw a quote on Facebook that said, “Every moment is a new beginning..”

So, in honor of that, I want to help you achieve your personal New Year resolution.

Talk soon! And happy New Year!


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P.S. For new listings or announcements about service availability, reach out to Mike Walker. He is a true champion! Now I knew why that rhyme was “Do ya want me to come?” so this comment meant something else entirely. I went through each of the chapters of my head (and I read all of them in a little more than five minutes in the middle of this past weekend, from beginning to end, like it was a film). This wasn’t made up, this was like reading a hard-boiled novel – all layers, all anger, all suspicion, all affection. It was exhausting, but at the same time enjoyable, and full of such hidden depths, and sadness, and such vivid surrealism that it brought tears to my eyes. There are moments in The Divine Storm when two or three words are enough to describe what’s happening