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Every time you look at a monitor, there is a 60% chance that your posture is affected. We know that poor posture can lead to back and neck pain and make it difficult for you to maintain good posture throughout the day. This can affect your confidence. We want to help you feel better, we want you to feel powerful, confident and optimistic! We can help you to achieve a more positive and effective posture.

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It is always good to do things on your own, always learn by doing, always do what you like and are good at.

The key is to make it all you own, to create a different world from the one you live in and help yourself make it better.

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We, Nathan and Mike, believe in the power of choices and that you have to create your own life and make it the best one you can. That’s why we are a team of people who are always looking to improve ourselves, to have a better life.

In the meantime, we know that you will make our lives better too.

Well, well, it’s 2021 ! And, I suppose an apology of sorts is in order, here, and I’ve seen some recently and I admit to being frustrated. Even to this day, I’ve heard some yukie “WTF” comment’s on facebook posts and nothing has been done to stop them, and yet he’s an excellent stand-up comic who has toured his set around the world for years and had tickets to his upcoming show in NYC cancelled. But my questions is, what the hell were you thinking?

I haven’t been in touch for a few months now, so if you’d wondered what’s up, I apologize. More than likely though, you were happy to have a few less mails over the holiday season.

Speaking of which, Happy New Year and I hope the holidays treated you well. I’ll be a little disappointed if you’ve already recovered from the binge eating and drinking but I hope you’re at least on the way.

My own was sufficiently gluttonous, thanks to this past year’s obsession with home brewing (beer nerds: our 7% Christmas red IPA was a monster) and our recent, albeit inadvertent acquisition of a wood fired pizza oven!

Bloating aside, I wanted to start the year off well, with an updated and revised blog post I’ve been wanting to improve for you (for months).

This blog post is about the ranking factor

This blog post, do back braces for posture really work?, the factors I think deserves most attention in 2021. The single thing that, if you want to get a better posture this year, you need to really understand.

All the best for a big year.

Nathan White

More specifically we write about a posture brace called posture now, you can (probably) find our latest and greatest report on the newest version on this page: posture now review.

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We sincerely hope that you will enjoy your stay here on our little blog in cyberspace.

All the best and keep working on that posture!

Just waiting for a place where I feel free. I wake up and its all the same. -Anon

Nathan and Mike


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