How To Improve Your Posture With Rebecca Cutler [Fitappy Fitness]

Would you like to improve your posture right now? Here is a short video from Rebecca Cutler over at fitappy (5 minutes watch time)!

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Hi, everyone! In this short video, I’m going to give you some tips that can help you work on your posture. Keep in mind, if you have any medical conditions, any health problems, any issues, any problems with your spine, you have to contact your doctor. Also, those tips are not meant to replace any type of therapy or treatment. Okay?

She shares some great tips on how you can improve your posture with some really simple exercises (that you can do at home).


These will help you work on your posture. It helped me. Because when I was a kid, I had really major issue with my spine. I still do, actually. I have a tendency to rum my shoulders and back. Naturally, when that happens you stick your head up. Okay. There are many people like that. Trust me, this is not attractive.

How To Improve Your Posture Part one

In this video, I am going to share with you some tips that helped me fix my posture.

Not completely because I still have to work on it. I still have to watch myself how I walk, how I sit and just pay attention to my body. Let’s try it together. So your feet are slightly apart. They are flat on the ground. For purpose of exercising, I want you to lean forward very slowly, very gently. I want you to get a feel how it feels like when your body weight is on your toes when you really have to engage your toes.

Now, very slowly try to lean back so your heels are engaged. You are not going to be able to lean as much. Feel it and then forward again. Okay? Very slowly. Very gently. I don’t want you to fall. Try to keep your body straight.

Got it? Good.

I want you to stand so your body is centered. So when your feet are flat, I want you to feel like there is equal pressure on your toes and on your heels. Okay? Try it. Get a feel of it.

Now, I have to shift sideways. Okay. Rule number one. You’ve got to relax your knees. Never lock your knees. If you lock your knees, see what happens? Your hips are thrown back. Naturally, your stomach is forward so you look like that. That’s not good. It may happen. It doesn’t have to. But there will be tendency.

Okay. So feet are flat on the ground. Let’s do it together again. Feet are flat are on the ground. Relax your knees. Okay? Good. Now, hips forward slightly. From this position, the least you can do, roll your shoulders back and try to keep your back straight. Got it? Good. This is basic.

Now, another step, think of… there is a string. Like there is a string or rope attached to the top of your head and it’s pulling you up. It almost feels like that thing is trying to lift you. Like something is trying to lift you. Like you are attached to the string and is trying to lift you off the ground. That’s going to help you think of keeping your back straight. Imagine that string is pulling you up.

Got it? Good. Keep that feeling.

Part two

Now, imagine there is another string pulling your chest.

Okay? Sort of 45 degrees angle. So it pulls you that way. That allows you to open up your chest. But don’t forget about that string. Remember the string is not here. It’s in the back of your head. Okay? Now, two strings are pulling you. Now drop your chin. It’s not like that. Drop your chin. Relax your shoulders. Think of those relaxed knees.

Good. It’s going to feel really awkward in the beginning. You’re going to feel stiff but keep that in mind. If it’s really difficult for you to engage, incorporate everything together. Do one thing every day or one thing a week just to get comfortable. But let’s do it one more time. Let’s go through all the steps.

Feet are flat on the ground. Okay?

Your body is centered. Relax your knees. They are not locked. Hips are forward. Roll your shoulders back. Now, keep your back straight. Imagine a string pulling you up. There is another one. Open up your chest. Drop your chin. Relax your shoulders and breathe. It’s very important. Don’t hold your breath. Okay?

Try to relax as much as you can and loosen up a little bit but try to think of that string. I think this is the most important thing that helped me a lot. So hopefully it is going to help you as well. I highly recommend taking yoga classes. If this is not going to help you, take some yoga classes. But make sure your instructor knows what they are doing because some of them do not pay attention to people’s postures.

I have seen it, unfortunately. Make sure you find a good yoga instructor who’s going to pay attention to you, to other people. Because you don’t want pick up worse habits. Especially, when you work on your alignment and your whole pose for 30 seconds or even one minute in holding it in the bad posture.

Okay? These are my tips on how to improve your posture.

It helped me.

Hopefully, it will help you. Thank you guys for watching.

The End

So remember, when you’re sitting at a desk, your posture has a huge impact on your health. Additionally, instead of prescribing a series of exercises to deal with sitting, stand and rising stiffness, posture braces (that work) not only hold in place the body parts that need to be held in place to prevent slumping, but they also help patients with back problems.

There are many reasons for your posture to be poor at work, such as desk sharing, wearing inappropriate clothing, or sitting at the wrong angle.

But there’s also a psychological reasons as well.

Get in touch and tell me what you think.