Repose Your Way to Better Posture with Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is an easy and effective way to improve posture. According to the Associated Body Work and Massage Professionals, only about 17% of Americans report visiting a massage therapist in a year.

Many people associate massages as glamorous “treats,” and while they feel glamorous, many services are affordable and practical when it comes to health benefits.

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Relieve your pressure points

Pressure points are different areas of the body that respond when pressure is applied.

Many of these points cause discomfort, but in massage the pressure points that are activated simulate lowering blood pressure. Pain in the body can be made worse by adding a high blood pressure. Imagine the body attempting to pump blood through a very narrow pathway; it’s sure to be painful and difficult. When you activate a blood pressure point, you signal the brain to lower blood pressure and alleviate the difficulty on your circulatory system. Your body will loosen up and any painful areas within your musculature will dissolve. The immediate feeling of euphoria during massage is likely your blood pressure lowering and simulating a relaxing trance-like state.

The introduction of this quick technique to me has changed how I experience massage, and I have recommended this for the beginners among you to those who have been patients of massage for years.

Physical fitness is the same as a massage. If you are physically fit, you are in a body that feels good

Your posture will benefit from relieving blood pressure points due to the ability to flex and move with greater ease after a lowered blood pressure.

Joints are free to move and flex

When maintaining a good posture, your joints are fluid and relaxed to make room for any adjustments in the way you position your body.

In a state of pain, your joints feel stuck and cannot move easily without a feeling of pain and tightness. If your joints are like a door hinge, when you prevent regular movement to your joints, it will lack the lubrication needed to open and close with ease. Regular massages will encourage the natural flexing and moving of your body and joints to release the joint fluid and condition them. Imagine attempting to keep a good posture when every hinge on your body is struggling to move and support you.

You will be amazed at the success you will achieve once you start to treat your body this way. You will start to sleep sounder, and your body will feel more alert. Your mind will feel energized and rested, and your eyes will be clearer. Your skin will have a smoother and clearer texture, and you wake up energized.

When your body is positioned in a healthy posture, massage experts at Massage Envy state that it encourages the body to “avoid the movements and positions developed over time as a reaction to the pain.”

Loose and relaxed muscles

The greatest benefit for all, however, may be the luxurious feeling or relaxation.

It’s not a surprise that many of massage goers agree that relaxation is a main reason for seeking massage therapy. Loose muscles mean that your body can sink into a correct posture to maintain health and a strong back. Simultaneously loosening your muscles and feeling completely relaxed can do wonders for your body, mind and soul.

Even if you’re not experiencing pain, proper muscle massage will certainly improve your health and well-being. People who suffer from back or neck pain or stress regularly tend to get back and neck massages in order to keep muscles feeling loose. Your can rejuvenate your body and restore a natural, proper alignment with a great posture from massage therapy.

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